Barnes warns Newcastle against signing Arsenal outcast Aubameyang

John Barnes has suggested that Arsenal outcast Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not the type of player Newcastle United need this month.

The Gunners striker has been linked with a move to Newcastle. He has not played for the club since the start of December.

Aubameyang has been stripped of the captain’s armband after he was dropped for a disciplinary breach.

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The 32-year-old is set to feature for Gabon at this month’s African Cup of Nations. He has recently tested positive for Covid-19.

Newcastle have already been busy in the transfer market. They bought Kieran Trippier earlier this month and they are now set to sign Burnley attacker Chris Wood.

As quoted by the Chronicle, Barnes suggested that Newcastle need players who “dig deep”:

“I don’t think that’s realistic. The kind of players Newcastle want are players who can fight against relegation, not win a league. If things aren’t going well and they need to dig deep, is Aubameyang someone you’d want there?

“I doubt very much that that will happen. Scoring goals isn’t their problem.

“Having togetherness and harmony and everyone pulling in the right direction is what Newcastle need.

“With all the money they have they still can’t get Messi or Mbappe. Newcastle can’t all of a sudden pay twice the salaries of Man City and Liverpool.

“This project might mean they can pay more money than the others in two or three years.

“They’re not going to be paying £200m for players in January, that’s not realistic.”


Elsewhere, Simon Jordan has encouraged Newcastle to “pay the money” for their targets this month:

“I got into this debate with Martin Keown about not getting drawn into overpaying for everything. That’s what they’re going to get forced into doing because everyone knows they’ve got more money than God,” Jordan said.

“Newcastle have got a decision to make… if you want to buy your way out of this problem, and if that problem resolves by paying £40million for Botman then job done.

“I’m leaning more towards get on with it, get it done, pay the money.

“They’re going to get their pants taken down whichever way they want it. People know they’re in a room with a bag of money.”

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