Keane somehow reacts calmly to being called a ‘p****’

Roy Keane walked away calmly after a Manchester United supporter called him “an absolute p****” in the aftermath of their loss to Manchester City.

The Red Devils were comfortably beaten 2-0 by Pep Guardiola’s side on Saturday with an Eric Bailly own-goal and a Bernardo Silva strike giving the Citizens all three points.

And with tempers high following the defeat, Keane was shouted at by an angry Man Utd fan for seemingly refusing to sign an autograph.

Now we know Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is done at Man Utd

The former Republic of Ireland midfielder was seen signing a shirt for another fan and claimed he had already signed several things for other supporters.

Keane was called “An absolute p****” by the fan but the Sky Sports pundit reacted calmly before eventually walking away.

The fan started off by saying: “You’re a legend of this club.”

Keane replied: “What am I trying to do? Hang around all day and sign autographs? I’ve signed autographs!”

To which the supporter responded: “What are you being like that?”

Keane hit back: “Like what? Like what? What did I do?”

Before the fan insulted Keane by saying: “An absolute p****.”

Not sure exactly what’s happening here but Keane ain’t happy

— Darren Russell (@darrenrusse11) November 7, 2021

Keane tells him: “Oh, because you’ve had a few drinks and they [United] got beat you’re taking it out on me? What’s that got to do with me?

“You’ve had a few drinks, I can tell. What have you had, two pints? Tell all your mates not to lecture me.”

Following the City loss, Keane spoke on Sky Sports about the pressure building on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he said: “Ole seems to have been under pressure since he walked into the club and that isn’t going to go away because from the first day he got the job, people didn’t think he was up to it because of his track record and his CV at Cardiff, which was a tough job.

“Ole has to take responsibility, of course he does. I’ve defended Ole for the last one or two years but he’s the manager and he and his staff need to get more out of these players.”

Keane later added: “Man Utd are in a bad place, but there is a way out of it. Is Ole the man to do it? Huge question mark. I hope he is but it is more hope than belief.”


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