Carragher reveals his admiration for Lampard after major Everton tactical change

Former Liverpool centre-back Jamie Carragher says he admires Frank Lampard for the tactical changes he has made over the last four games at Everton.

The Toffees had been on a terrible run of one Premier League win in their last seven matches before their 1-0 victory over Manchester United in early April.

Including their victory over the Red Devils, they have now picked up seven points from their last four matches as they attempt to claw their way out of relegation trouble.

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And, after analysing clips since Lampard took over at Goodison Park, Carragher has been impressed by the changes the former England midfielder has made over the past four matches

“I actually admire what Frank’s done in the last four games,” Carragher said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show.

“We’ve all seen Frank, he’s been at Derby, Chelsea and now at Everton. He wants to play football. We put coaches in categories, does he want to play like Pep? Or like Jose?

“Jose Mourinho’s been a huge influence on his coaching career, but we’ve seen his early stages, he wants to play out the back, he wants to be almost a Pep Guardiola type of manager.

“What’s happened is, they’ve gone like Jose Mourinho in the past two games. The game that scared Everton that they possibly could go down was the Burnley loss.”

Carragher also used clips in Lampard’s first Premier League match against Newcastle United and their February fixture against Manchester City to demonstrate how the former Chelsea boss wanted them to play when he first came in.

“When Frank first came in, he’s trying to get on the ball, making passes even round the back going through midfield that’s changed. What’s really interesting as you go further down here is that the actual attacking numbers have been pretty similar, even though they are so much down on possession.

“And I think a tell-tale sign for any sort of team, how you want to how they play, is what they do when the goalkeeper gets the ball. I want to go back to Frank Lampard’s first game as a Premier League manager for Everton, it was away at Newcastle. This is three minutes in and the ball goes to Jordan Pickford. Now let’s not forget it was a pressure game, Newcastle were down there, Eddie Howe’s team like to press from the front, Frank will be well aware of that.

“[Frank Lampard] wants to be a Pep Guardiola type of manager… what’s happened is that they’ve gone more Jose Mourinho!”

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— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 2, 2022

“And Newcastle are not dropping off and letting Everton play. There’s the front three from Newcastle. They’re ready to go and press, they want Everton to play from the back. You see Jordan Pickford. We’re playing out from the back. Michael Keane saying: ‘Play. Don’t worry if there’s players there.’

“This is what Frank would have tried to put into them. It was a little bit different under Rafa but that’s what Frank Lampard wanted to do. This is against Man City. And the reason I wanted to show this was because similar to show the Chelsea and Liverpool, two of the top teams, one of the best pressing teams as well.

“So you see Jordan Pickford play short. He doesn’t go long now tries to make a pass out wide. And again, this is one of the best teams in the world at winning the ball back, but that was the idea of Frank Lampard.

“And I go back to admiring what Frank’s done in the last four games because I don’t particularly like it when managers say: ‘You never change, you always keep the same message and in the ideal world Frank will wanna play from the back and press from the front, but you can’t always do that.”


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