What is live in game wagering?
Simply put live in game wagering is any wager placed after the sporting event has started. Because of computers, the Internet and mobile devices, it’s now possible to wager even into the fourth quarter of a football game, basketball game, or almost any sporting event which is why is such a game changer! This allows us for the first time to take advantage of situations that occur that we did not know about before the sporting event started. Like what you ask? Like a key player getting injured; Like a severe weather change or how about a good team getting off to a bad start.
With our proprietary method of selecting unique situations, we improve our chances dramatically.
Why now?
More than 30 states have now legalized sports betting. People who have never placed a wager on a sporting event will now be enticed by massive advertising campaigns from large casinos and online gambling sites. Enticed to “profit” from their desire to watch their favorite team. Billions will be spent to make it seem easy to profit on sporting events. You will see commercials showing how much fun it is to win easy money. My friends it is not that easy. They won’t tell you that you that the house wins a lot. I just did.
I created this website for two reasons, first to let you benefit from my teams more than 100 years of gambling experience. You've probably never heard of in-game wagering. We will show you how and why it’s by far the best way to beat the odds makers.
The second reason we created this website is to share our unique proven money management strategy. Just as important as who to bet on and went to bet is how much to bet. We have seen and tried all the betting systems. I won’t waste my time writing about them or your time reading about them all. It’s enough to say they don’t work for a number of reasons. My goal was to define a simple disciplined approach that allowed me to win the most money when I’m winning, yet lose the least when I’m losing - right.
So how do we do that?
In our research to perfect this goal I came across the writing of a mathematician from the 12th century named Leonardo Fibbonaci! Yes the Fibonacci sequence one of the most famous formulas in all of mathematics. The Fibonacci sequence is significant because of the so called golden ratio of 1.618. In this sequence any number is approximately 1.618 times the preceding number. It goes like this, 1, 2, 3, 5.8, 13, 21… Each number is equal to the sum of the two preceding numbers. So when I place a wager I must start with a minimum amount. That amount, whatever it is becomes one unit. If I win I bet one unit again, then if I win I bet 2, then 3, then 5, then 8. Got it, so when I get in a winning streak I will be wagering more until I lose. After any loss you always return to your minimum one unit. So what happens is when you’re winning and you are betting more and when you are not winning you are losing the minimum bets.