Jordan labels ‘Hollywood’ Man Utd star ‘share price signing’

Simon Jordan believes Cristiano Ronaldo was a “Hollywood signing” for Manchester United as they did not need to bring him back.

The forward returned to Man Utd last summer from Serie A giants Juventus. He had stellar spells in Italy and in Spain with Real Madrid after leaving United in 2009.

Ronaldo has provided 14 goals and three assists from his 27 outings this term. Six of his goals came in the Champions League group stages.

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The 36-year-old is out of form at the moment as he has not scored in his last six games across all competitions.

The Portugal international returned to Man Utd’s starting eleven against Southampton on Saturday.

Ronaldo was not able to get on the scoresheet as United were made to settle for a frustrating 1-1 draw.

Speaking before this stalemate, Jordan described the return of Ronaldo as a “share price signing”:

“Ronaldo wasn’t a signing that I felt was the right fit for United for the things that they needed to do,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“They needed to match fire with fire, they needed to match energy with energy, they needed to match the ability to press teams in a certain way to be able to compete at that level.

“By getting Ronaldo in there you’re going to get goals. But if you can’t match other sides then Ronaldo’s effectiveness is going to be diminished as we have seen.

“Of course he’s popped up and had these stellar cameo moments where he’s scored goals and got United out of the cart. But I thought the signing was more of a Hollywood signing, more of a share price signing.

“This is Ronaldo coming in to spearhead a side rather than be a sensible voice in the dressing room, or a centre-half that comes in and does a certain job, so I wasn’t in the camp of it, I wasn’t suggesting it was going to be an abject failure, but I don’t think he was the antidote to their particular problem.”

During the game, Trevor Sinclair suggested that Ronaldo was “anonymous” against Southampton:

“Cristiano Ronaldo, I said it in the first half, he’s been a little bit anonymous,” Sinclair explained.

“You’re not really seeing much of him in the game. He had that one chance where he’ll be disappointed looking back at it. He’s getting bullied here and there.”

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