McCoist praises Leeds as he speaks on Covid postponements

Ally McCoist has praised Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa as he has argued that games should only be postponed in the Premier League “due to Covid reasons”.

Over the past couple of days, a few more Premier League games have been postponed. Burnley’s scheduled game versus Leicester City on Saturday was called off.

Burnley’s issues have continued as their clash against Watford on Tuesday has also been postponed. Sunday’s North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham was also called off.

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The Premier League have been criticised for accepting these postponement requests. Gary Neville is insistent that all teams should be made to play.

McCoist is of the belief that injuries should not be taken into account when officials decide whether games should be called off:

“I’m of the opinion, I understand totally and appreciate games could and should be cancelled, but only due to COVID reasons,” McCoist told talkSPORT.

“Nothing to do with injuries and I know you can make a case for injuries being caused by this, that and the other thing, but I’m not buying it.

“If you can field 13 players and a goalkeeper, then injuries should not be taken into account. They are a natural part of playing football.

“The unnatural part this year and last year has been the COVID. I’m against games being postponed for any other reason than COVID.

“You can understand it. If you are a coach and manager, you have to look after the best interests of your team and club.

“However, and I don’t have any doubt one or two of them will break the rules, but bend them to their advantage.

“I get that and understand it. This should be plain and simply a COVID issue. If you can’t meet the number required through COVID, then you’ve got a real case to get the game cancelled.

“Injuries and suspensions should 100 per cent not be taken into account.”

McCoist went onto praise Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds for “getting on with it”:

“A lot of us go on about Bielsa and enjoy Bielsa, this is just another tick in his box. He could have mumped and moaned and said this is our situation.

“But he just gets on with it. His team ends up putting one of their best performances this season and ends up doing really well.

“Sean Dyche got a game cancelled there at Burnley, the last thing he needs is games cancelled. The teams above them have played four or five games more, you don’t want to start getting cut adrift at the bottom of the league.

“He wants an opportunity to get those points back and playing.”

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