Moshiri ‘will consider taking £100m hit’ to sell Everton

According to reports, Farhad Moshiri “will consider” taking a hit of around £100m to sell Everton and he was recently approached by a consortium.

The 66-year-old has previously owned shares in Arsenal. In 2016, he sold his stake to fund his takeover of Everton.

It was soon announced that he had bought a 49.9% stake. He is now Everton’s majority shareholder as his stake has been increased to 90%.

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After a run of poor results, Rafael Benitez left Everton on Sunday. The ex-Liverpool boss is the fifth manager Moshiri has sacked.

The Toffees currently sit 16th in the Premier League after 19 games. They have not fared well in the transfer market during Moshiri’s tenure, despite him splashing out over £600m on new signings.

The Sun are reporting that Moshiri “will consider selling Everton”. It is reported that he was “approached recently by a consortium of interested bidders”.

It is stated that the Everton owner “did not reject their interest”, but the consortium “quickly walked away” after realising how much it would cost to revamp the club.

The report adds: “Everton are in grim danger of turning into a financial calamity and Moshiri now knows that if he does decide to get out, finding someone to buy the club would be a huge problem.

“Everton are currently valued at around £350million, meaning even if new owners came in he would take a £100M-PLUS hit.

“Moshiri has invested more than £450m in trying to create an empire.”

Elsewhere, Simon Jordan has named seven potential candidates to replace Benitez at Everton:

“They should be looking at Sean Dyche. They should be looking at Frank Lampard,” Jordan said.

“There’s no reason for David Moyes to go back to Everton unless West Ham don’t give him what he’s entitled to, which is more support.

“They should be looking at nicking Patrick Vieira off Crystal Palace, if they are able to.

“They should be looking at Steve Cooper. Seeing the job he’s doing at Nottingham Forest and the job he did at Swansea.

“They should be looking and saying, can we get (Erik) ten Hag. Have we got that kind of ambition?

“They should look at Graham Potter. Can they get those sort of guys.

“And they should also give consideration in the conversation to Wayne Rooney. I don’t think he’s anywhere near ready, and I don’t think his backroom staff are strong enough to be able to give him the support and guidance going into what should be a very big and powerful Premier League club.

“All of those conversations should happen, and they should be all looked at and assessed in the realms as to what they would represent at Everton, what they can bring to Everton.

“But the most important thing now is some stability.”

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