No way back for Zouma in English football, claims former Prem ‘keeper

Former Premier League goalkeeper Chris Kirkland has urged West Ham to sack defender Kurt Zouma.

The 27-year-old apologised after a disturbing video surfaced online of him kicking and slapping a cat, with the Premier League club publicly condemning the footage and vowing to deal with the matter.

Zouma is seen in the clip dropping, kicking and slapping the animal, while laughter can be heard in the background.

He then chases the cat, before throwing a pair of shoes at it and slapping its head.

“I just can’t believe what I watched, I really can’t, it’s disgusting,” Kirkland told talkSPORT (quotes via the Metro).

“He might not be bothered at all, [if] you do things like that obviously you’re a despicable human being.

Zouma’s animal cruelty puts West Ham under a harsh spotlight

“I wouldn’t [work with him] if I was in that dressing room, no. If I was in that dressing room, if I was captain I’d get him out of that dressing room. I wouldn’t want to play with him again,  definitely not.

“This is just about what’s right in humanity, even if you’re not an animal lover, seeing that absolutely sickened me.

“I don’t think there’s any way back for him. West Ham have been backed into a corner, it’s not their fault, it’s not their fault at all, but they’ve got to handle it now and the only way for me is that he’s got to be sacked.

Kirkland was asked if he believes it is the end of Zouma’s career in England, to which he replied: “I believe so, yes.

“It is an extremely tough one, I’m an advocate of mental health but I think if you’re putting stuff on [social media] like that then you don’t care. You’re doing it to show off, they were laughing, he’s got a kid there, if they’ve put it on once then it’s obviously happened again, you see the cat run off scared to death.

“If that was in the street what would happen? He’d get arrested and he’d be put behind bars.

“No club can sign him now because of the backlash it’s going to get. The fans will turn on the club, nobody can sign him, and he’s only got himself to blame.”

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