Pundit slams Neville for saying he ‘wanted Man Utd to get beat’ against Chelsea

talkSPORT host Andy Goldstein has criticised the negative co-commentary of Gary Neville during Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea on Thursday.

United were outplayed by Thomas Tuchel’s side and once again required an intervention from Cristiano Ronaldo to salvage a point.

Neville was not best pleased with the performance, describing the United players as “appalling” and “a disgrace”, even going as far to say that he “wanted them to get beat”.

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Goldstein, host of the Drivetime show, felt Neville overstepped the line with his comments. He said: “I honestly love Gary Neville and I’ve said it before, and I’m not just saying it now, I think he’s the best pundit on TV.

“I think he and Jamie Carragher are wonderful. No one comes close to them, they’re great.

“His co-comms is fantastic too, but he’s obviously got a problem with the hierarchy at Man United, which I get, and as the majority of Man United fans do. I understand all of that.

“And I don’t mind him or Roy Keane having a pop at the club in the studio before the game or at half-time. If he wants to go on Sky Sports News a week later and give his views – absolutely fine.

“But when the game is on and he’s on co-comms duty, I just want him and Martin Tyler to talk about the game I’m seeing.



“Talk about the tactics, the mistakes, and if Martin Tyler wants to bamboozle me with stats, even better, I love all that when I’m watching the football.

“But what I got constantly in the first-half on Thursday night from Gary Neville was just, ‘he’s an appalling player’, ‘he’s no good’, ‘this club needs to pull their socks up’, ‘that’s a disgrace’.

“There was one bit – this is what Gary Neville said last night: ‘This Man United team, you almost want them to get beat. They set a really poor example around the work ethic and trying hard. This lot get paid a fortune and they’re walking on a football pitch. I’m embarrassed’.

“If you want to say it afterwards, that’s absolutely fine, but I don’t see that as part of his co-comms duty, I really don’t. And the fact that he said he ‘almost wants Man United to get beat’, I’ve never wanted United to get beat.

“I have never, ever thought that about my club.”

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