Rooney reveals he changed studs to ‘hurt’ Chelsea star in Man Utd clash

Man Utd legend Wayne Rooney admits he changed his studs before a match against Chelsea in 2006 because he “wanted to hurt” one of their players.

It was a must-win clash for the Red Devils as they travelled to Stamford Bridge in a game that the Blues won 3-0 to clinch the Premier League title.

Man Utd needed a victory to keep their slim title hopes alive and Rooney admits he changed his studs for longer ones in order to inflict damage on an opposition player.

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In the end it was Chelsea captain John Terry who felt the force of a Rooney challenge with the Man Utd forward stamping on Terry’s foot.

“I changed my studs before the game,” Rooney said in an upcoming documentary ‘Rooney’, which will be on Amazon Prime next Friday.

“I put longer studs in because I wanted to hurt someone.”

Rooney added during the documentary: “If Chelsea won a point, they won the league. At that time, I couldn’t take it.

“The studs were legal, they were a legal size, but they were bigger than what I would normally wear.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Rooney has also revealed that he had a problem with drinking during his time at Man Utd as he struggled to cope with pressure of fame.

And Rooney has said that talking about his issues definitely helped, he said: “I have spoken to a few different people. I have never done a period of time where I’ve done two years with someone and it has been ongoing. What I learned was I could feel it coming, like an explosion.

“I used to hold everything in and it would build up. I would deny it but Coleen could see it coming every time. I’d say f*** it and go out and make silly mistakes with the explosion.

“I learned that when I felt it coming, I needed to sit down and talk to someone. That calmed things down. I spoke to Coleen quite a few times, her mum and dad and my mum and dad. I did that when it got to a bad moment.”


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