Wife reveals Man Utd star Lindelof wore a heart monitor ‘for two days’

Victor Lindelof’s wife has revealed that the Man Utd defender wore a heart monitor “for two days” after struggling with his breathing during Saturday’s 1-0 win over Norwich City.

The centre-back had to be replaced with 16 minutes left after he received treatment on the pitch for what appeared to be problems with his chest.

Interim boss Ralf Rangnick was able to allay fears over Lindelof post-match and revealed he was “OK” in the changing room.

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His wife, Maja Nilsson Lindelof, has since opened up on the “scary” experience of watching the incident from the stands.

Maja wrote in her blog for Elle: “It was a scary match to watch and Victor was very cut up afterwards. Yesterday he did a lot of tests and has a heart monitor on for two days to make sure everything is OK.

“[It was] Incredibly uncomfortable, especially when I did not get hold of him, which I always manage to. It was a long time before I got hold of someone on the team who updated me.

“Everything seems to be OK as luck would have it and we are waiting for answers to the last tests that will end tomorrow.”

And in a statement on Tuesday morning, Man Utd also insisted that Lindelof “has recovered well” from the episode.

The statement read: “Victor is currently undergoing a series of precautionary investigations. However, he has recovered well from the episode he experienced in the match against Norwich.

“All indications are that this is not linked to any COVID outbreak within the club.”

Meanwhile, David de Gea said that seeing the defender having difficulties reminded him of Christian Eriksen and Sergio Aguero, who are both currently sidelined with heart issues.

“As soon as it was like difficult breathing and feeling strange, the game doesn’t matter or football. First of all is life,” De Gea told Sky Sports after the Norwich match.

“We saw some players who are feeling a bit, I don’t know what was going on, but Victor was feeling his breathing.

“We saw already Eriksen, Aguero… so it is sometimes a bit difficult to see your player acting like this so it was better to change. I hope he is completely fine.”


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